European premiere at Animafest Zagreb




&Black&White is a 13-episode animated series which focuses on funny, approachable and educational short-format storytelling – each episode runs for approximately 90 seconds, with approximately 90 laughs.

&Black&White follows the (mis)adventures of Bo to all corners of the Earth and across a diverse assortment of historical moments in time. Bo is best described as a problem solver with a multitude of absurd and silly problems, and often finds himself repeating the same mistakes – much like his real-world counterparts! Bo’s wacky antics and experiences occur in an entirely two-tone, black and white world, which forms the foundation for and amplifies the humor throughout the series in a way that can be understood by children and adults alike, and achieves our overarching goal of developing children’s visual perception skills.

In a world saturated with the overcomplicated and artificial, simplicity and modest design stand out. &Black&White is a multiplatform, all-ages animated project that approaches history and diversity in a fun, cheerful and humorous way. It is entirely language-neutral and presents a unique visual technique that develops and stimulates visual perception through an online & TV animated series, a fun puzzle game and an educational app for children, available on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Series of short animated episodes

    Simple, educational and entertaining content.

  • It’s language agnostic

    No costs of adapting to different markets.

  • Any child can understand

    Unlike many cartoons, &Black&White appeals to all children, including children with special capabilities.

  • Multiplatform

    Educational game and App, minute and a half long episodes, adaptable to many different platforms.

"Have Dreams", Anne Westerman:

Being in the room as our after-school group watched several &Black&White cartoons was a pleasure! It was clear that they were interested in them and that many understood the back and forth struggles depicted. Several participants laughed out loud and clapped as they watched and when given the chance to vote to "love it" or "leave it" after each clip most chose "love it". It was great to hear all of their opinions and we are looking forward to seeing more!


Created by Darko Bakliža

Producer: Tihana Šmitran

Animators: Manuel Šumberac, Paula Konjušić, Iva Božić, Antonija Veljačić, Rustem Leto, Anaid Mekić, Dženan Spahić, Filip Gašparović

Animation supervisor: Manuel Šumberac

Sound design: Vjeran Šalomon

Main voice: Lucija Barišić

Additional voices: Davor Kovač

Additional sound: Nikola Uršić

Script advisor: Ed Hooks

Special thanks to: Alexei Alexeev