&Black&White is animated series made of 13 episodes. The plot of each episode is taking place in a 90 second frame in real time, in which we follow characters in different geographical sites and different historical periods.

The idea is to stimulate the visual perception development in children and create room for specific design solutions and original humor. Playing with the nature of human perception is the key link between episodes and dominant source of humor in the whole serial.

The main purpose of serial is to amuse the viewer independently of his age. We are sure that this serial will have great contribution to the development of wide visual culture.


Created by Darko Bakliža

Producer: Tihana Šmitran

Animators: Manuel Šumberac, Paula Konjušić, Iva Božić, Antonija Veljačić, Rustem Leto, Anaid Mekić, Dženan Spahić, Filip Gašparović

Animation supervisor: Manuel Šumberac

Sound Design: Vjeran Šalomon

Main voice: Lucija Barišić

Additional voices: Davor Kovač

Additional sound: Nikola Uršić

Script Advisor: Ed Hooks